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Woman High On Flakka Dumped Raw Acid On Her Boyfriend Then Cut Of His P*nis For Cheating

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at 2015.04.10
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Miami, Florida – A south Florida woman now behind bars after she dumped pure raw acid on her boyfriend then cut off his p*nis for cheating on her.

According to reports, Neighbors heard loud screaming coming from next door, And after that they saw a woman coming from the house with what looked like a human Penis in her hand. They quickly called 911.

Dane Smith, He was a rushed to the hospital where he remain in critical but stable condition. Authorities later learn that his girlfriend Marsha Gibbins was a well-known drug offender. She was on Flakka at the time, A dangerous new drug circulating around in Florida.

Flakka is a designer drug that can be snorted, smoked, injected or swallowed. It may also be combined with other, softer drugs such as marijuana.Flakka is most typically made from the chemical alpha-PVP, which is a synthetic version of the amphetamine-like stimulant cathinone. Cathinones are chemicals derived from the khat plant grown in the Middle East and Somalia, where the leaves are frequently chewed for a euphoric buzz.