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Woman Claims She Came in Contact With Michael Jackson Ghost

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at 2014.12.04
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Real Estate Agent Claims She Made Contact With the ghost of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson,

According to Mitchel Lewis, She went to Neverland Ranch to take some new photos of the property, she took 27 Picture’s of the property, everything went just fine, but soon as she was about to leave, she felt something cold touch her she quietly shouts:”Oh My God, Oh My God” the cold feeling immediately went away, Immediately a voice ask Her:”what are you doing here, ” she look around and did not see anyone, her reply,”Micheal is that you?” the anonymous Voice quietly said Yes, the voice  continuing on saying:” am loss please help me my soul is loss please help me, Whitney is with me pleased help, Mitchel drops everything out of her hands an run around where the maintaining crew was.

Base an what lewis’ share with us it seems like Micheal Jackson and Whitney Houston is not in a better place. Because he said his soul is loss, that mean he is not in heaven it got to be hell.

The Santa Barbara County estate of the late pop singer Michael Jackson will soon go on the market Property’s value at $35 million to $50 million.