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Two Baltimore Police Officers Were Gunned Down Outside Of An Apartment Complex

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at 2015.04.28

shot police car
Two Baltimore police officers Were shot in the head and killed during a violent confrontation with two drug dealers outside of an apartment complex.

Officer David Smith and Dwight Little were shot outside Summer Set Apartment around 4:40 p.m. ET,

Smith And Dwight we’re responding to suspicious activity of two black males just sitting in their car doing nothing.

Officers arrived on the scene, And started to approach the vehicle that the two suspects were in. The suspects saw that the officers  were coming towards them, so they pulled out an Ak-47 and sprayed the officers with it. The Two Officers did not have any chance to draw their weapon, The suspects panicked and ran over the dead officers bodies, Then they rammed into the officers patrol car, so they could get away.

The Eye witness claims the two men were known drug dealers in the area, and they were just waiting on their client. The Neighbor who called the police thought they were waiting to rob somebody because a lot of crime goes on in this apartment complex.