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Transsexual Said Rapper Gucci mane Touch Her inappropriately While Behind Bars

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at 2014.10.19

Another Transsexual Who Go By The Name TerrillLewis, AKA TS Dream, Said Rapper Gucci mane Touch Her inappropriately While She Was Serving Time Behind Bars, Lewis Was Working as a porter in the prison’s laundry room She deliver clothes to his cell every other day.

She did not know who he Was At First they Called him ‘GuWop’ In There. Gucci Mane Always Complimenting her about her looks She Always smile at him an Walk away.

The Last Time She Was Delivering clothes to Gucci Mane Room He close the Door on her an shove her in the corner, He Told Her He Want Piece of it, She told him yes but not right here. she Just want to get away from him.

It Happened That a Warden Notice the Door is close he Quickly open it. She did not say Anything Because she Fair for her life, An The People Who ‘Gucci’ Associate With.

She Also Want To Let All Those want to Be Thugs In The Street know that Their Favorite Gangbanger Rapper on the Outside May Seems cool But Once They are Behind That Bars They Go fishing For anything. “The ice-cream tattoo isn’t the only thing, sweet about Gucci Mane.”

Gucci Mane is currently serving a 39 month sentence in jail after pleading guilty to a federal firearms charge.