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The FBI Plans To Shut Down Worldstarhiphop By The End Of December

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at 2015.12.19
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Urban website as we know it, Will soon be shut down buy the federal government.

Millions of people browse through worldstar daily to see their favorite rap artist and to see amateur fights. However, all that will soon come to a crashing end by the feds.

Document’s leak online last week by “anonymous” showing legal battle between worldstarhiphop Founder Lee “Q” O ‘Denat and the FBI,

According to Court Documents, Urband website Worldstarhiphop was under heavy surveillance for two years. During that two years period, Over 100 crimes were committed from worldstarhip alone. People would leave comments to other citizen residents, then they would carry out their crimes. A lot of hate crime from the urban youth’s drugs and sex trafficking. All this data was gathered by local officials, that’s why the feds got involve.

Worldstarhiphop CEO, Lee “Q” O’ Denat, and his lawyer are fighting to keep his 11-year-old website up.

Statistics showed 70% of black youth’s 18-29 visit worldstarhiphop daily, While 20% of while males 18-26 visit it every other day, 10% of Latino males visit it every week.

While worldstarhiphop is for entertainment purpose only, the feds are not buying it; they want it down.