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Sad, Trending Hash tag #wastehistime2016, Boyfriend Strangle His Girlfriend To Death

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at 2016.01.07
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Breaking News, Trending Hash tag #wastehistime2016, Cost woman her life.

If you had been scrolling down your timeline, you may notice most women sharing #wastehistime2016, These are women who had a hard time with men in 2015, so they are getting back at them, It is so sad that a 24-year-old woman had to lose her life over this stupidity. Report claims 26-year-old Jeffery Smith from coral spring, Florida, strangled his girlfriend to death after she text him ” I change my mind. We can’t go out, because I have a boyfriend” Smith was dating this girl over two weeks.

Authorities advise women to be careful, Use common sense at all times, Don’t follow the trend.