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Nicki Minaj Slap Lil Kim Across The Face With A Champagne Bottle

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at 2014.12.13

Nicki Minaj Slap Lil Kim Across The Face
Yesterday around the hours of 11:00 to11:30pm the showdown of the century happened in an undisclosed studio in Jamaica Queens New York. Sources say Nicki Minaj was scheduled to record 3 songs ‘but as soon as she went inside the booth the unthinkable happened.

Little Kim came through the door! Both Divas immediately locked eyes, as sources tell us that Kim said “I didn’t know Barbie’s could get Gangsta?” and upon hearing that, Nicki decided to Rap about being the greatest female Rapper to ever live. When she came out the booth, however, it was said to be high amounts of tension in the air as both Self-proclaimed queens along with entourages were all in the same room.

Sources went on to say Nicki snarled a dirty remark at Kim saying I thought Dinosaurs were extinct?” soon after Kim said “B!ch like me s*k d**k while b!ch like you wonna eat P***y” “You wonna s**k my p***y Nicki?” Nicki then replied” b!ch aint nobody trying to catch Aids” That’s when all hell broke loose. According to sources, Little Kim then charged at Nicki, but she didn’t see Minaj grab the half empty champagne bottle and launched it a hitting Kim straight on the forehead.

Both artist and entourages soon fled the scene as talks of gun play were circulating. Once police showed up the air was clear, but now officials tell us that both Nicki Minaj and Little Kim are wanted for questioning in regards to what happened that night.