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Mannequin Challenge: Whites With Guns Get Pass While Blacks Get Raided — Not About ‘Gun Laws’

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at 2016.12.08
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By now, you’ve seen the news regarding the Blacks who got raided by police after their Mannequin challenge. Well, why weren’t these white gun owners raided as well?
Here’s the issue. People are saying this is not about race but is rather an issue of “gun law.”

Open Carry Argument If you think Alabama doesn’t have open-carry laws, think again.

Alabama actually doesn’t prohibit open carry. And more than likely, neither does the state where the white version of this type of Mannequin challenge was filmed.

According to Daily Mail, Madison County Sheriff Office’s Captain Mike Salomonsky mentions nothing about “gun laws” as the reason for the investigation in Alabama. Salomonsky said they pursued an investigation because there were “too many guns at one address” and it might pose a “public safety issue.” Now, I’m not defending gangs or the message they were relaying in their Mannequin challenge. However, if these Blacks posed a public safety issue, why do these whites get a pass for the same infraction?

In both situations, all of the guns were at “one address,” just as Captain Salomonsky mentions regarding the gang. No Media Coverage In the white version of this particular Mannequin challenge, they didn’t just have pistols. They had an array of gun types and calibers, let alone “too many guns.” Yet, the same media outlets who covered the Alabama incident are silent regarding this particular matter. Why is that? Is it not the same type of public safety issue? It actually might be worse. There’s a lot of “confederate flag” activity going on in the video. So, if he’s more fearful of white men endangering “public safety” than the world-renown ISIS organization, why aren’t police “investigating” these white gun owners from this Mannequin challenge? According to the captain, he states that — regarding the number of guns seen in the Alabama video — “the question you have to ask yourself is ‘why?’.” As in, why do they have that many guns in their possession? Okay, the same should be asked about the adults in the video with the white gun owners. Presumptive In reading many of the comments, people presume the guns in the aforementioned video are legally owned. Can these commentators tell — just by looking — that the guns are legal? Nope.

And by that merit, a similar investigation should be launched. They were swift with the raid on Black gun owners — questioning whether they were legal, as well as searching for other reasons to arrest. Yet, here, they presume they’re legal. Bias much? What are your thoughts about it? Feel free to share them in the comments below.