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Gucci mane Brother Was Shot And Killed After A Drug Deal Went Bad

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at 2016.03.05
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Bankhead, Atlanta, Rapper guccie mane brother Micheal Davis was gunned down after a drug deal went terribly wrong, according to reports.

Thirty-year-old Micheal Davis the brother of gucci mane was shot and killed after a drug deal went awful, a witness claims she heard five gun shots. She looked out her window and saw a black Chevy caprice speed off with two males in it. She immediately dialed 911. Police arrived on the scene and discovered the body of Mr, Davis laying face down with multiply gun shot wounds to the head, detectives later declared it was a drug deal gone bad, because the robbers left one kilo of cocaine in the trunk of the vehicle that was stashed off.

Rapper Bankroll Fresh was also killed in a shooting at Atlanta studio.