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Doctors Gave Lil Boosie Five Months To Live, He Was iagnosed With Brain Cancer

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at 2016.11.30
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Lil Boosie was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Doctors gave him five months to live. The rapper tweeted it yesterday on social media. Lots of his fans are showing their support to both the rapper and his family. Nine months ago, Lil Boosie had cancer in one of his kidneys. He went into surgery to remove half of one of his kidneys in a procedure called nephrectomy.a nephrectomy. It was successful according to his doctor.
According to TMZ, Boosie, who doesn’t have health insurance, At the time had to shell out $90,000 for the surgery — and he’s still never finished with the battle.
Lil Boosie is set for neuroendoscopyneuroendoscope surgery next week monday. “Neuroendoscopy” is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure in which the neurosurgeon removes the tumor through small holes (about the size of a dime) in the skull or through the mouth or nose.