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Dieuson Octave “Rapper Kodak Black” Hangs Himself In His Jail Cell

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at 2017.05.01
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Dieuson Octave (born June 11, 1997), better known by his stage name Kodak Black, commit suicide this morning inside of his jail cell.
According to the Broward Sheriff Office, Octave were discovered hanging from his bed inside of his jail cell by his cell mate Approximately 11:35am after lunch.

Authorities has not yet confirm, why the rapper commit suicide, Octave left a note behind before he took his own life, Authorities are not releasing what’s on that note to the public yet.
Kodak Black cellmate claims the rapper was stressing out for the past weeks, Due to him going to court back to back and they was not doing nothing for him, Plus he was looking at a lot of time that he could not handle, At such a young age.

Broward sheriff are still investigating this case to see what really happened, Why this young man would take his own life.

Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez took his own life last week, Kodak black is just another tragic lost.
Suicide has long been the leading cause of death for inmates in local jails, according to national statistics gathered by the Justice Department.

“From the inmate’s perspective, certain features of the jail environment enhance suicidal behavior: fear of the unknown, distrust of an authoritarian environment, perceived lack of control over the future, isolation from family and significant others, shame of incarceration, and perceived dehumanizing aspects of incarceration,”

Kodak Black Fans all around the world are sadden by his death,


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