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Breaking News: Vybz Kartel Has Escaped from prison After Gun Battle With Guards

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at 2014.12.27

Vybz Kartel Has Escaped from prison
KINGSTON,JAMAICA- Reports from Jamaican officials indicate that Dancehall reggae artist Vybz Kartel has broken out of the Horizon adult remand Centre early this morning during an armed raid that left four officers dead and two in critical condition. Detectives from the Kingston central Police Department say the escape involved a large group of prisoners who used guns smuggled into the complex.

Vybz Kartel was apparently involved in the holding of guards at gunpoint, with several inmates swapping clothes with the guards to aid their escape. Investigator Dean Thomas Bates went on to say two female officers whose identities we can’t disclose because of the ongoing investigation, were working together in cahoots with Vybz Kartel.

Reports from officials say the women were smuggling not only drugs and cell phones but also guns in their private parts. Reports are still sketchy, but news sectors in Jamaica are reporting that the armed battle broke late last night and the prisoners were all ready for the perfect time to strike. Further reports are that Vybz Kartel Paid officials not to search his cell because he had too much contraband, but what they didn’t know was that he along with several other prisoners dug a huge hole in the wall that would later lead to their freedom or should I say escape.

No one seems to know what Vybz kartel and several other inmates were driving or who picked them up, but a large man hunt is now under way as some officials are now calling it the greatest escape ever in Jamaica. Officials also found a note addressed to his codefendant Shawn Storm and it read as follows: “Sorry My youth mi affi leave yuh, can deal wid dis know longah! Keep ya head up.”