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Black Woman Died From Flesh Eating Maggot infested Weave

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at 2015.12.29


A Florida woman died from maggot infested weave three days after she had her hair done for Christmas at “black beauty salon” located in Lauder hill off 55th street.

Reports are now claiming that a Florida woman died three days after she had her hair done at a well reputation salon located in her community. Janice Barrett was found by her sister early this morning laying face down in her room with maggot crawling out of her hair and her ears.

Medical examiners, believes her hairpiece from a black beauty salon had come from a corpse and that the critters had hatched from eggs laid on the dead body.

A full autopsy will be done today to know the cause of her death, Medical examiner Jaffrey Edelen advice woman who wears weave to be aware of the type of hair you purchase from your local salon, because they could be deceased human hair that contains flesh eating maggot.

About ten women this year reported flesh eating maggot in their hair, According to Center for disease.