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Authorities Confiscated Video Tape Allegedly Showing Bill Cosby Sexually Assaulting One Of The Victim

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at 2016.01.05
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Video has emerged showing bill Cosby sexually assaulting one of his victims in 1996. Authorities
confiscated a videotape from one of bill Cosby old time buddy name “Maxwell Dennis,” Dennis was arrested after a 18-year-old girl claims he molested her, after she slept over his house with his grand daughter. Upon been arrested Dennis told authorities he knew Cosby. He’s my best friend. He told authorities he got a videotape from the 90s with Cosby sexually engaging with one of the women they claim he raped. Authorities thought he was lying for a second until he led them in his house and shows them the videotape.

The tape is now in authorities’ position. They are reviewing it to build a strong case against Cosby.