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Another Ebola Case In The United State :” Florida Man Tests Positive For Ebola”

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at 2014.10.18

So Sad! Early today Florida Man Was diagnosed with the Ebola virus, Romain Recently Return From EastAfrica, Romain is a Rastafarian Born In Jamaica He Migrate to the united states at the Age of 10, His Mother Said:”Her Son Always Want to visit Africa because he says that’s where his Roots Are.

Allegedly Romain Caught the Virus When He Got Hurt In a Bike Accident While in Africa, they put him in The Same Ambulance As Ebola Patients, They Taught Him Had Ebola Virus, When they Realize he’s Not an Ebola Patient they Quickly Correct their mistake.

3 days later he Return to the United State And Book a Room at the Days Inn Hotel He Then Call his Mom, He Was Telling Her He Feels Very Sick His Mom, Tellhim to Go, visit The Hospital Because He Just coming from Africa, Once at the Broward Medical center They diagnosed Him with Ebola Virus, All The Nurse Quickly Run For Cover.

Romain Travel On The Same Plane With Over 110 Passenger Authority’s Now trying to contact those People.

His Mom Release This Pic Via: Instagram:”While he Was in Africa” Due To Privacy We will Not Link to his Page.