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15 Year-Old boy suing katt williams for $1,000,000 after he sucker punched him in the face, that left him with two broken tooth

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at 2016.03.24
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15-year-old Young Luke from Gainesville, Florida plans to sue katt Williams for sucker punched him in the face that left him with two broken tooth that requires surgery. Florida bar attorney Orlando Lopez claims his client got a strong case against Mr. Williams. The sue amount is $1,000,000 dollars.

According to mediatakeout, Here’s what went down. Katt Williams traveled into the projects BY HIMSELF – with no security – and started talking with a group of kids. At one point, Katt allegedly started being DISRESPECTFUL to a lot of the kids there, calling them “little n*ggas” and “hoodrats.” One eyewitness explained, “Katt was talking very disrespectfully, then Young Luke ran down on him.”

Young Luke is a 15-year-old boy from the projects, who was not about to let Katt come to their neighborhood, and disrespect the people there. The insider continued, “Katt is a f*ck n*gga for talking to us like that, and he hit Young first so I’m glad that he beat Katt up.”